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Pharmacy Technican Day 2022

Today is Pharmacy Technician day which recognises the invaluable contributions made by pharmacy technicians to patient health, safety and as an integral part of the healthcare team. It's a day for pharmacy technicians to reflect on their careers and realise the impact they've had on patients and fellow pharmacy professionals.

Maia joined Alexander Pharmacy in early 2019 as a Pharmacy assistant excelling at customer service and offering OTC advice to the Te Aro community. Charge Pharmacists over the years saw the potential in Maia and noticed she had all the characteristics of an amazing pharmacy technician. In late 2020, Angela approached Maia and asked her if she was interested in pursuing this career path with the support of the pharmacy. In 2021, Maia began her studies as well as working full time at the pharmacy to get her qualifications. All of us here value Maia so much and we can't imagine our pharmacy lives without her bubbly personaility and ability to remain positive. 

We fire some quick questions at Maia today as we follow her career progression. 

1. What sparked your interest in the role of a Pharmacy Technician?

After working here for over a year as an assistant and absolutely loving it, I decided I wanted to do more, and with much encouragement from the team I enrolled to study as a pharmacy technician. I really wanted to be able to assist our customers and the rest of the team here more. Being a trainee technician means that I can put through prescriptions and refills, dispense medication, make creams and mixtures and so much more! I love learning about the ins and outs of pharmacy, and studying to be a technician has really encouraged that. Every day I learn something new and it inspires me to keep at it. 

2. What is your favourite job in the dispensary and why?

That's a tough question as I love so many aspects, but one of my favourite jobs in the dispensary would have to be compounding! It's kind of like baking or cooking, it's so satisfying at the end having a finished product that you've made from scratch that someone will take home and use. 

3.  What have been your challenges so far in the pharmacy sector? 

Covid has been a huge challenge. It's meant that we have had to learn many other tasks that never used to exist in pharmacy, like supervised RAT tests and vaccine passes etc. Whilst it felt like I was getting thrown in the deep end a little bit, it's been a great learning experience.

4. How will you celebrate when you qualify as a technician? 

I would love to celebrate over a meal with the rest of the team here at Alexander Pharmacy. They have been so encouraging and supportive on this journey, I couldn't do this without them and I think it is something we should all celebrate. 

5. Any advice for anyone wanting to enter the profession? 

DO IT! It can seem daunting at first, but if you have supportive team mates then it really makes it so much easier. Just enroll and take the leap, whats the worst that can happen? Everything is a learning experience whether you fail or succeed.



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