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February 2023

After doing his internship and passing his exams to become a fully qualified Pharmacist, Shane is ready to excel in his practice. He leaves us after a year of learning to work at a community pharmacy in Porirua. This is both exciting and sad for us and Shane as it has been so much fun supporting his learning journey. We asked Shane some quick fire questions before he left and will check on him from time to time.

What inspired you to study pharmacy?

S: The extra effort that pharmacists would make for their patients is what motivated me to pursue a career in pharmacy. This included filling in any knowledge gaps and ensuring that patients got the appropriate medications and were well-informed about why they were taking their medications. I also appreciated that pharmacists were always on hand to respond to patients' enquiries about their general well-being, offer helpful therapies or solutions, and advise them when to seek additional assistance.

What will you not miss about being a pharmacy intern?

S: When I think back on my internship year, one thing that comes to mind is the calculations exam. I'm glad I passed and won't have to take it again because it gave me many sleepless nights.

Pharmacy is always evolving, what are your predictions for the next 5 years?

S: I think that within the next five years, pharmacists will be able to prescribe medication for the majority of common illnesses that patients encounter, relieving the burden on general practitioners and enhancing patient access.

Have you had any embarrassing moments at Alexander Pharmacy?

S: When I got an email referring to me as "the sexy ginger in the pharmacy," it made me and the rest of the team laugh.

Can you tell us of a memorable moment at Alexander Pharmacy?

S: At Alexander Pharmacy, I've experienced a great deal of memorable moments that I will never forget. Any time Angela treated the team to lunch, I was able to experience a variety of wonderful nearby restaurants and eateries, which always excited the team and made them wonder if this time round would I branch out and choose something other than chicken!

We look forward to following Shane's Pharmacy career and seeing him soar out there in the profession.


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