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April 2020

What a couple of weeks it has been!

With the announcement of a national lockdown, we had to quickly get organised to make sure that the pharmacy was safe for patients to access and also for staff to work safely. Lots of changes were made and we are very thankful to our friends at City GPs and Gentle dental for providing us with PPE so that we could be safe whilst working. When in crisis like COVID-19, it's nice and heartwarming to know that people really care and are more than willing to share resources. 

Due to being an essential service, our staff have been coming to work everyday so haven't experienced a huge shift in our day to day lives. We are lucky to see each other everyday and have some banter about what we are cooking for dinner. We have also been loving chatting to you all about your lockdown stories and how the current events have unfolded in your bubble.

We are huge foodies at Alexander Pharmacy and have been using our weekends to make some truly incredible meals from scratch. Being an owner- operated pharmacy, we love supporting other small businesses and keeping it local; so getting treats from Wellington Sourdough (Starta) and AroBake have been the highlight of our lockdown. 

It is also flu vaccine season so Angela and Sarah have been quite busy this month vaccinating people over 65 and those with medical conditions. We expect our Pharmacists to be even busier once the vaccinations are open to the general public. 

Send us an email if you want to chat with our staff about how things are going for you during the lockdown. 




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