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February 2024

What a great January we just had! Being on holiday hours (closing at 5pm instead of 6pm) really gave the staff the opportunities to get more sunlight hours in and make the most of the hot weather.

2023 was a great year for us with business as usual. Government COVID restrictions may have ended but the illness was still a reality for us with vaccinations and mask wearing in place. It was only until September where health professionals were able to be exempt from mask wearing. It was a literal breath of fresh air!


The last year also saw the government remove the $5 prescription co-payment. There has been much debate about whether the National Government will re-introduce this fee. As of recent, there have been no further updates about this matter. There has been a mix of opinions about the removal of co-payment from the patients of Alexander Pharmacy. For many it is welcomed as the cost of living has sky-rocketted and it has meant taking the pressure off household spending.

For some, they mentioned they were lucky enough to be able to afford the $5 and it made no difference to their wallets. As a Pharmacist, I have witnessed the end of some people picking and choosing which medicines they could afford after visiting the doctor.

Some people are now able to pick up their medicines straight away as opposed to waiting until pay day. Studies have shown that by making prescriptions free for all, it reduces hospitalisations and at the end of the day SAVES taxpayers money (FYI: hospital admission costs the taxpayer an average of $15,000 per day). I hope this helps you see it's a win-win for everyone here at the end of the day by keeping scripts free for all (especially the government if they look at the long game).

I also have to mention the fact that the removal of co-payment also helps level the playing field between independent pharmacies like ours and big Australian corporate pharmacies. We have seen a small increase in customers and prescriptions since last July so I'm happy to say we are doing okay!


Some of you may have noticed the baby bump I've been sporting in the last couple of weeks. I'm due a baby in mid April which we are all very excited about. Thank you for all your well wishes and congratulations. This is my first baby and my husband and I have decided to find out the gender at the birth as a surprise.

I'm off on leave for 6 months from April but will be leaving the pharmacy in the capable hands of my sister who will be supported by Maia and Brooklyn.  I'll still be popping to the pharmacy from time to time to pay the bills so you might catch me and the baby out the back working away.


Best wishes and health,

Angela and


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