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Welcome to the last blog post of the year

The staff don't have any exciting holiday plans to report this year. How we lament those times where we were able to pop overseas to see our loved ones!!! But we are all glad to have a break. The tail end of this year has been tough for us. As seen in all service industries over NZ, there has been an increase of abuse and unkindness towards staff. The Dom Post had us on the front cover in November highlighting this. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our beloved patrons and patients who continually support us and give us the privilege to come to work everyday. It really affirms our day and helps filter out those bad eggs we get sometimes.

We get the question "how do you survive wearing a mask and standing all day long?" alot from customers. The answer is - it is not fun at all. It does make the day super long, hot, dizzy and tiring especially from 8am to 6pm. But it's part of the job and we will do anything to keep our patients and community safe.

This year we have gotten a little bit more "famous" which is flattering and unexpected. The Regional News highlighted us in their Simply the best list, the best Pharmacy and Gift Store! What a win for the team! The pharmacy was involved with Soap for Society this year in spreading the word about hygiene poverty. Our campaign was covered on the news and also radioNZ. We received so many donations which the City Mission will put to good use!

We have been donating lots of PPE to our local community charites so that they can provide their services in a safe manner. Everybody Eats and The Free Store give and feed the hungry in Wellington and are causes that we have been supporting.

That's all from me - let's hear reflections from the rest of the dream team.

Leanne: It's been a great year working with the Alexander Pharmacy team. I've spent some time locuming and working at chain pharmacies so it's been nice to have a smaller and more intimate team. My parents are incredibly proud that us sisters are working so well together and supporting each other with our strengths - Angela's being the front of house and me with the admin and behind the scenes work.

Mille: With all the lockdowns, the gallery has been at a standstill. Despite this, there have been a few very popular items, namely our Karen Murrell lipsticks and Moana Rd sunglasses. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and being Danish, I do miss all the festivities back in Denmark. It still feels so strange having a summer Christmas!

Maia: Studying and working full time has been my biggest challenge this year. It has been a juggling act. But I am learning to enjoy it. I am thankful to all our loyal patients who have noticed an upgrade in my name badge and have taken the time to chat to me about my studies. Next year, my studies will be more clinical so I hope to wow everyone with my knowledge.

Tane (our summer Otago Pharmacy Student): This is the second year in a row where I have had to do half of the year in lockdown. However it hasn't all been bad. The university and the School of Pharmacy did their best to accommodate the students. Despite being stuck at home for online lectures and workshops, all us pharmacy students got to do our exams open book which made things easier and removed a lot of stress.

Joanna (our Christmas casual): This is my first job after graduating high school. I have been taken under the wing of Angela and her team and it has been a very valuable learning experience. I have enjoyed meeting our patients so far who are always happy for a chat.













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