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APRIL 2022

We just celebrated Leanne's birthday at the Pharmacy with a yummy team lunch. She chose Kilim on Manner's street which is always a dependable treat. She had her actual birthday day off and celebrated in Auckland visiting the restaurants there. Birthday day off is always fun here particularly for those lucky enough to have theirs close to a public holiday so they have a cheeky extra long long weekend. 

April was busy with flu vaccinations as it always is. This year it seems to have been on the radar for a lot of people this year as many of our patients wanted to get it as soon as possible. Thankfully this year, there were no stock problems. 

February to March was a blur here. It was the peak of the pandemic and we were stressed and overwhelmed. Luckily, we didn't have the misfortune of having staff shortages as we all stayed well and fit to remain open. Stock issues have really plagued us. Quite a lot of medicines are in short supply and hence have to be rationed. This has probably been one of the biggest headaches during this pandemic. Thankfully most of you have been understanding and more than happy to return to the pharmacy for your "rations". 

Shane, our intern, is sitting his exams soon. We wish him well and can absolutely imagine the nerves as this exam will allow him to register as a Pharmacist. Fingers crossed!! 

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