APRIL 2021


It's vaccination season! Last year Alexander Pharmacy did the most flu vaccines we have ever done and we are predicting another busy year. Being front line health professionals we went and got the first dose of the COVID vaccine. It was great to get that job out of the way and I have to admit I forgot to take my own advice and ended up with a sleepless night (due to a sore arm). I always recommend choosing the arm you don't sleep on as the vaccinated arm can be sore and swollen for a few days. Oh well - I'll be better prepared for the second dose. 

Mille in the gallery has been busy curating some new gifts so don't forget Mother's day. Mums are very special! I would like to extend a welcome to our new pharmacy assistant Kasey. She is a nursing student at Massey and is going to be with us for a couple of hours during the week to help out in the pharmacy and gallery.

The pharmacy now offers ear piercing! Mille, Maia and Leanne have completed all their training and are excited to roll this out. I got my ears pierced at age 8 and fondly remember the experience at my local pharmacy. I hope we can have the opportunity to create memories for other children (and adults) too.

It has been just over a year since my mentor Judy sold the business to me and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting your local community pharmacy. I read a quote the other day "go to work so you can give - not so you can get". This really struck a cord with me and motivates me to keep doing my best for the community.

I hope others can dwell on this thought too.

Keep well,

Angela and the Alexander Pharmacy team

Kasey, Leanne, Maia, Mille and TJ