August 2021

What a month August was. Let's start with the bad and the sad. Lockdown. This time around, we knew exactly what to do, so we were extremely efficent and the pharmacy was operating like a well oiled machine. Lockdowns do dampen the spirits and I couldn't help feeling a tad down. Of course this has all been compounded by not getting enough sun. 

Alexander Pharmacy has been sadden by the passing of some our beloved patients in July. We send our deepest sympathies to the families and will always remember in our hearts our dearest customers. 

As a result of everyone working from home and the lockdowns, our regular customers were choosing their local pharmacies in the surbubs. However, in the past 3 months we have been overwhelmed with the support from people returning to Alexander Pharmacy preferring our more personal and efficient service. This is truly the biggest compliment and all the staff are so so grateful for this support. We do think about our patients regularly - one of us would say "I haven't seen so and so in a while, I hope they are okay."

Just before the lockdown, we were lucky enough to have an Alexander Pharmacy staff night out. We dined out at Boulcott Street Bistro to try out their Wellington On A Plate offerings. Kasey ordered a la carte and said it was the best steak she had ever had! Looking back at it now, we feel so grateful to have had an outing just before everything closed and were again put under pressure. I can't wait for WOAP to continue later in the year to dine out again!!!