Health Tips

Smoking Cessation

Smoking is the single largest cause of preventable death worldwide. It kills an estimated 5000 people in New Zealand every year and affects the quality of life for thousands more.

There is never a bad time to give up smoking. Within one year of giving up, your chance of having a heart attack or stroke has markedly decreased, and becomes the same as a non-smoker within three to five years. If you are pregnant it is vital for your babies health that you stop smoking as soon as possible.

Using medicines such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and having support will make it easier to quit. 

Our Pharmacists are now able to provide funded nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) without a prescription from a prescriber. Using NRT can double the chances of staying Smoke Free for the long term.

We realise it can be difficult to give up smoking, that's why our pharmacists have a specific program to meet your needs. Your pharmacist can help you decide on what stop smoking options are the best for you.

Come and talk to one of our trained Pharmacists about Viagra.


Viagra is now available over the counter from your pharmacist without a prescription.


What is erectile dysfunction?

  • It is a medical condition that is common, and it affects men of many different ages.

  • If you are unable to get or keep an erection long enough for satisfying sex, you may have erectile dysfunction.

  • Some possible causes can be stress, lifestyle, medications or tiredness.

  • Viagra can be used to treat erectile dysfunction and can be supplied by a pharmacist If you meet the health criteria. This includes a short checklist and a blood pressure check.

  • Come in to talk to one of our pharmacists at Alexander Pharmacy about this confidential service.

Here's a guide to protect your body against the summer sun.

-All skin types and colours are vulnerable to sun damage.

-Look for a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30+.

-Apply sunscreen twenty minutes before going outside.

-Apply plenty, one teaspoonful (5ml) for each arm, each leg, your back, your front, and your face which includes your neck and ears.

-Always re-apply every two hours.

-Don't use sunscreens that have expired as they may have lost their effectiveness.

Remember Slip Slop Slap.

Slip into shade where possible or slip on lightweight sun protective clothing.

Slop on sunscreen.

Slap on a hat that prtotects your face, head, neck and ears.

Have fun in the sun.


Beating the winter bugs

The best defense against winter bugs is always a healthy immune system. 

That starts with looking after yourself:

  • washing hands regularly.

  • eating nutritional food.

  • exercise.

  • sleep.

  • limiting stress where possible.

There are many nutrients that can strength your immune system, including vitamin C, probiotiocs, garlic and zinc. 

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What is the difference between influenza and a common cold?